This blog has been a lot about everything, but never (except when I was on my Erasmus exchange) had any special focus. I have always hated that, but to tell you the truth, I always tried to focus on something, but nothing ever stuck.

I have always been passionate about food, cooking, baking, recipes and MUSIC. While posting recipes is fun and quite easy, writing anything about music scared the shit out of me. How would I know anything about music or bands or whatever. I'm just a regular girl that likes a certain type of music. Why would anyone listen to things I have to say about music.

And then I met THE BOY and he is all about music. Plays in a band, loves going to good concerts, knows tons of bands. And after some debating (and convincing), we decided to give blogging a try. As a couple. Writing about music, bands (mostly interviews) and also, about vegan food, since we both became vegan sometime in spring.

And the blog has been a success. Well, to me it has been. Especially because of the gratefulness and kindness we got from the bands we interviewed so far.

It's still hard to stick to writing, especially when there are so many other things in life trying to mess with our time, but we are not going to give up. He is my motivator and I am his. And I'm really happy that I found my focus, my blogging niche.

I can't say that I'm officially "killing" this blog, BUT, at least in the near future, there is not going to be anything new posted here. I moved my ass to SAWDUST & BEER, and if you would still like to read the stuff I write and post, follow me there. As it is appropriate, we have a lot of social channels, so you can follow us on:

Hopefully, see you there, my friends.

Love, Kaja. ♥

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