... with Ljubljana. I have lived in this city for 4,5 years now and after all this time, I have finally started to fall in love with it. Maybe it's because I have more free time now and I really started to enjoy the city vibe, or maybe it's just because I had to live in a bigger and (a bit) duller city for 5 months and now I can finally appreciate the kind and lovely vibe Ljubljana has to offer.

I spent Wednesday afternoon in the city center with my friend Ana, enjoying the lovely weather, delicious ice cream, tasty beer in TOZD (my favorite coffee and beer place in Ljubljana) and fattening pizza in Central Station (my favorite restaurant in Ljubljana). What else could a girl want. ;)

Love, Kaja. ♥



Hello my name is Kaja and I am currently in love with tote bags. Especially the ones made by Slovenian designers. Those are the best! Me so happy! ;)

Left: "This ain't no time to sit around cryin' like a bunch of pussies." 
From: 3Ptice, made by amazing and sunny Anita. I fell in love with this tote bag instantly, but I never got myself to order it. Luckily, I got it last Christmas as a present from a friend. Beside this and all the other cute tote bags, Anita also makes a lot of other adorable accessories. She also runs a blog called Life.Style.Fun.

Right: "Happy people make me nervous."
From: Pirate Piška. I actually wanted a t-shirt with the same writing, but unfortunately all the grey ones were gone. So I decided to get the black tote bag. And I really don't regret it. There was also a really freaking cute badge included of a chick with a pirate eye-patch on one eye (= pirate piška, duh!). Oh, and there is also a blog, of course, Pirate Piška Blog, on which you can follow all the new designs.

I suggest you, to check them both out. I promise you that you are not gonna regret it, if you are into clothes and accessories. ;)

I actually made a decision that I am gonna stop spending money in H&Ms and all the other random "cheap" clothes stores and start supporting local (or at least smaller foreign) designers and artists. As you can see, I have been respecting the decision for now and hopefully gonna do it also in the future.  So you can expect some more posts about Slovenian products some time soon ...

Love, Kaja. ♥



I was really craving pizza today for lunch, but since it does not really go with the all "eat healthier" lifestyle, I had to make something different. I decided to put some pesto genovese, light gauda cheese and pine nuts on rye bread, put everything in a warm pan and waited for a few minutes so the cheese melted. Delicious and (quite) healthy. Definitely worth a try. All you need is:

  • 2 pieces of rye bread (or any other healthy or healthier bread)
  • 40 grams of grated cheese (any kind that melts is OK, I used light gauda)
  • 25 grams of pesto genovese (I am eating the Mercator one at the moment, which already has crushed pine nuts in it, but there is never enough pine nuts, so you also need ...)
  • 10 grams of pine nuts

You can also put the pieces into a hot oven and wait for the cheese to melt, but since I don't have an oven here, I just used the pan.

What about the calories, you ask? If my calculations are right (I calculated the numbers from an app I use on my phone) it goes something like this:
470 kcal = 18.5g CH + 21.5g P + 34g F

You can evaluate the numbers by yourself if you want, but for me they don't really mean a lot. At least not before dinner time. That's when I get worried about the low intake of proteins during the day and stuff myself with eggs and cottage cheese. :)

This post is a bit different from food posts until now and I would really love some feedback. Do you like it or not? Do you count calories? Are the nutrition facts even important or should I skip them? I will be happy for any kind of feedback.

Love, Kaja. ♥