Food: Refreshing Strawberry Lemonade

Hello again. How is everybody doing in this really hot summer? I am spending it mostly on my couch or chairs, reading books and enjoying my free time. I don't have much of it left, since I'm flying to Sweden on 17 August, where I am going to spend 5 months on my student exchange program. Uf, sooooo excited! :)

But right now I am not worrying about the cold Sweden that quietly waits for me there in the North. No, I am enjoying the hot summer weather here in Slovenia. I am especially enjoying all the strawberries that we have in the garden. I think that I pick up a kilogram or more of them every 2 or 3 days. And because we can't eat them all when they're still fresh, I started trying out some recipes which include strawberries. And today on my menu was: strawberry lemonade.

I never really saw or tried a strawberry lemonade, but I thought that it probably would look something like this one that I made. So I wasn't copying any other recipes and just made it out of my head. 

What do you need?
Juice of 1 lemon
Ice cubes
Pieces of strawberries
A teaspoon of sugar

What to do?
Take a clean jar and put in the ice cubes.

Then put in the lemon juice.

And some water.

Add the pieces of strawerries.

And a teaspoon of sugar.

Close the jar and mix it, add a straw and there you have it.

It's a perfect refreshment for adults and for kids (you should probably add some more sugar for them). And it tastes delicious. Try it out, while I enjoy mine. ;)

Love, Kaja.  

Happening: Punk Rock Holiday

I spent my week in Tolmin with my boyfriend and some of my friends where we enjoyed the best slovenian festival, Punk Rock Holiday. 6 days of partying, punk rock music, fun, friends, chilling at the beach, meeting new people, ahhh summer heaven! It was my first time there, but I bet that it won't be the last. It was just to awesome to miss it next year. ;)

We saw: Strike Anywhere, Mute, Elvis Jackson, Suicidal Tendencies, Millencolin, the Casualties and many maaaany more, of course including Thirteen Days, one of my favorite bands. :)

It was really one of the best festivals I have ever seen and I really recommend it to anyone who likes this kind of music. And it's not only worth it because of all the bands, but also the atmosphere is so relaxed that everybody can enjoy it. ;)

I wanted to do a pros&cons review of the festival, but I lack the time for it. Maybe untill the end of the week. But for now the photos will have to be enough. ;)

Our little camping place.

Chilling at the beach.

Vegan "restaurant" at the beach.

Ahhh the cold Soča river.

Breakfast in Tolmin. Mortadella sandwiches are the best!

Pizza for lunch. Yum yum.

Thirteen Days on stage.

It was soooo great!


Love, Kaja. 

Happening: Rock Otočec

Hell yeaah! I survived my first summer festival this year. And it was awesome. The best part of it were Billy Talent, of course, but the other bands were great as well.

I took some photos, so enjoy. :)


1: My friend, her little sister and me being silly.
2: Drinking beer/wine.
3: Me with Jon, bassist from Billy Talent.
4: Billy Talent on stage.
5: A collage with a picture of me screaming. :D

I am already getting ready for Punk Rock Holiday in Tolmin, which starts today. Wiii so excited! :)

Love, Kaja. 

SOTW: Surrender

Finally, summer time! And I am already preoccupied with everything and don't even have time to write a short blog post. Well, I took some time now. :)

I passed all of my exams, so I actually passed all the exams in my 4-years law school. Woohoo! I only have to write one research paper for Economic Analysis of Law and my diploma about Double Taxation in Sports. But there are no real exams. And this feels great! :)

And what will my summer look like? First, I am going to 2 festivals in Slovenia: Rock Otočec & Punk Rock Holiday. And after that I hope I will go to the seaside at least for a couple of days and on 20 August I have to be in Lund, where I am going to spend 5 months of my student exchange program. I am excited and scared at the same time. But that's still a month and a half away, so I am not gonna worry about that and just enjoy the summer now. :)

So the song of this week is Surrender by Billy Talent, a Canadian band which is going to be on the first festival I am attending, Rock Otočec, this weekend in Ljubljana. I already heard them and they are one of the best bands in the world. :)


Link to the song:

For all of those who are more punk-rock in the heart, here is the flyer for the Punk Rock Holiday Festival next week in Tolmin, Slovenia.

Love, Kaja.