SOTW: Surrender

Finally, summer time! And I am already preoccupied with everything and don't even have time to write a short blog post. Well, I took some time now. :)

I passed all of my exams, so I actually passed all the exams in my 4-years law school. Woohoo! I only have to write one research paper for Economic Analysis of Law and my diploma about Double Taxation in Sports. But there are no real exams. And this feels great! :)

And what will my summer look like? First, I am going to 2 festivals in Slovenia: Rock Otočec & Punk Rock Holiday. And after that I hope I will go to the seaside at least for a couple of days and on 20 August I have to be in Lund, where I am going to spend 5 months of my student exchange program. I am excited and scared at the same time. But that's still a month and a half away, so I am not gonna worry about that and just enjoy the summer now. :)

So the song of this week is Surrender by Billy Talent, a Canadian band which is going to be on the first festival I am attending, Rock Otočec, this weekend in Ljubljana. I already heard them and they are one of the best bands in the world. :)


Link to the song:

For all of those who are more punk-rock in the heart, here is the flyer for the Punk Rock Holiday Festival next week in Tolmin, Slovenia.

Love, Kaja. 

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