Song of this week is Thunder Clatter by Wild Club. Why?
  1. Cause I fell in love with it the first time I heard it.
  2. Cause I have been a little mess these past few days and when I heard it when I was in the shower, it made me happy in a second.
  3. Cause maybe, just maybe, he is the love of my life.
I hope you'll like it. :)

Btw, yeah, that's me on the photo. I went longboarding on Sunday (probably the highlight of my whole week) and I took some time for a quick photoshoot and this is one of the photos I made. Can't wait to go back there again.

Love, Kaja. ♥


If you follow me on Instagram, you can tell that most of my photos of food are photos of my breakfasts. Yeah, I love them. They are usually the most colorful and photogenic meal of the day. And since I'm a slow and lazy wake-up-er (is that even a word?!) I probably take more time to enjoy my breakfast than normal people do. And not only that it has to taste delicious, it also has to look good. Oh yes, and a cup of coffee with milk is a must as a side.

Here you have three examples of the breakfasts I eat. I wanted to share them with you, so if maybe some of you are not really breakfast fans, maybe now you will because. Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day (oh, look at me, being a smart-ass here and then eating pizza for dinner). And look at them! They are too cute not to make and eat them! :3

Breakfast 1: 

  • Mixed fruit (this time: banana, pomegranate, blueberries)
  • Vanilla or plain yoghurt
  • (Sometimes) granola
Breakfast 2: 

  • Oatmeal cooked in milk
  • A teaspoon of honey
  • Fruit (strawberries in this case, but most of the time a banana)
Breakfast 3:

  • Banana pancakes (2 eggs, 1 banana)
  • Cottage cheese
  • Blueberries

Do you make breakfasts like this? Do you even have breakfast in the morning or are you one of the even lazier ones that just skip it? And yes, I know I have already talked about breakfast a bunch of times, but ... come on, look at it. :D

Love, Kaja. ♥


Song of this week is I Lived by OneRepublic.

Why? Cause I went to their concert on Sunday and I still haven't calmed down. It was sooooooo awesome. I wasn't really close to the stage, cause I was too late to go into the fan pit, but it didn't matter to me. I went to the concert to hear OneRepublic (well, and Kongos, the opening group) live, a band I have been listening to for 7 years now, and that is what I did. And of course, I sang my heart out. I luckily wasn't surrounded with squeaky teenagers, which made the concert even more enjoyable. This concert was definitely put on my top 3 concerts in life list.

Love, Kaja. ♥


Well, hello there. Damn, I should start studying, but changing my blog design seemed like so much more fun, that I did this instead. It took me a few hours and all the nails, but I finally did it and I really love the result.

I feel like the design will motivate me to write more. I already have in mind 3 topics or groups of posts I think about writing:
  1. I have decided to start again with the Song of the Week posts, since I have been discovering a lot of new music over the last few months (also thanks to my new, amazing boyfriend <3). 
  2. Also thanks to him, I'm (we are) cooking a lot more than I did in the past, so there is a big possibility I will start posting more recipes in the future. I got really good in making home-made semi-whole-wheat pizza, so if you are a pizza lover, you can get excited (and also rush?force me to posting the recipe with your comments :3).
  3. Over the last few months I have been to more concerts than I ever thought I would go in such a short time. And I have many more dates marked on my calendar. So, if you are into this, I can review them or do interviews with some bands, let you get to know them a little and than maybe you will decide that they seem so cool and amazing that you should go to their concert. What do you think about that?
I would be more than happy for your opinion on everything (the design and the post ideas). Even though I will have to start studying eventually, I will still take some time to write a post per week (or two weeks), at least to unwind a little.

In the end, a quick comparison between the previous and the current design ...

I hope you like it as much as I do. ;)

Love, Kaja.  ♥