Well, hello there. Damn, I should start studying, but changing my blog design seemed like so much more fun, that I did this instead. It took me a few hours and all the nails, but I finally did it and I really love the result.

I feel like the design will motivate me to write more. I already have in mind 3 topics or groups of posts I think about writing:
  1. I have decided to start again with the Song of the Week posts, since I have been discovering a lot of new music over the last few months (also thanks to my new, amazing boyfriend <3). 
  2. Also thanks to him, I'm (we are) cooking a lot more than I did in the past, so there is a big possibility I will start posting more recipes in the future. I got really good in making home-made semi-whole-wheat pizza, so if you are a pizza lover, you can get excited (and also rush?force me to posting the recipe with your comments :3).
  3. Over the last few months I have been to more concerts than I ever thought I would go in such a short time. And I have many more dates marked on my calendar. So, if you are into this, I can review them or do interviews with some bands, let you get to know them a little and than maybe you will decide that they seem so cool and amazing that you should go to their concert. What do you think about that?
I would be more than happy for your opinion on everything (the design and the post ideas). Even though I will have to start studying eventually, I will still take some time to write a post per week (or two weeks), at least to unwind a little.

In the end, a quick comparison between the previous and the current design ...

I hope you like it as much as I do. ;)

Love, Kaja.  ♥

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