SOTW: Gajba Puna Piva

There are 5 more days of all-day-studying in front of me and I found a song that motivates me. It's full of summer and sun and dance and parties and everything else that the summer season represents. :)

Now back to studying. I can do it!

Love, Kaja. 

Random: Counting Down The Days

It's a fact: I don't want to study any more. But since I still have 2 exams to pass, I guess there is no getting out of that. I will survive. I hope. ;)

And because there is absolutely no time for proper blogging now and all I do is studying, eating and sleeping, I got an idea. Why not start counting down the days to the actual summer, the summer without exams and studying and other boring sh**. So here it is. My countdown to the official summer. :)

Love, Kaja. 

SOTW: Keep Your Head Up

The perfect song for this week is Keep Your Head Up by Ben Howard, since I have to study A LOT, because I still have 2 exams to pass. I dedicate this song for all the lost souls who still have to study hard like me. :)

Love, Kaja. 

Happening: My 23rd Birthday

Ugh, finally a quick break from studying to write a quick post about last weekend. It was my birthday and it was amazing! I spend it with the people that mean the most to me and everything was perfect. We probably ate too much. That was the only problem I guess. :D

Here are some photos and a short video of the whole weekend.

Love, Kaja. 

Happening: 2nd Birthday

As I mentioned in a past post, we celebrated my boyfriend's little cousin's 2nd birthday on Sunday. And since I took some photos, I think it's only fair to share them.

1: Little Erazem and the cake. Yummy cake.

2: Let's blow the candles.

3: My piece of cake. The first one.

4: Erazem being cute. :)

5: Andraž being silly. :D

6: Me playing with some stuffed animals. I made them dance. Woohoo.

We had fun. And now? I am already soooo excited for this weekend. Why? It's my birthdaaaay (as I think I already mentioned). It's gonna be soooo fun. At least I hope so, cause right now I am sick and have a fever and I really don't feel like partying. But I'm stuffing myself with vitamins and medicine so I will get better. ^^

Love, Kaja. 

Song of the Week: So Sick

Well just my luck. Now that the weather is finally kind of normal and it's sunny and it finally looks like the beginning of Summer, I got sick. Runny nose + feeling awful and sick of everything + obligatory studying = Grumpy Kaja. So the perfect song for this week is So Sick, originally by Ne-Yo, but I like the Patrick Stump's (Fall Out Boy singer) version more. I hope it will make me feel better. :)

Love, Kaja. 

Outfit of the Day: Sunday Funday

Shirt: You Decide Who You Are (Abandoned House). Leopard pants: H&M. Jacket: Zara. Shoes: Converse All Star.

What a fun weekend it was. After the exams, I definitely deserved it. :)

Yesterday I wrote my diploma disposition and then after lunch went to the a small celebration of my boyfriend's cousin's 2nd birthday (I will put some photos of that in a post in the future). And after all the talking, coffee drinking and cake eating (YUM!), I went to meet my friend Nina to take some photos of her for her blog. Of course that made soooo hungry that we had to go to a pizzeria and eat a HUGE pizza. One each, of course. And after that we laughed our butts off playing Head's Up game. What a fun game. Do you play it too? :)
What a fun Sunday! What a fun weekend! And I am already excited about the next one because... it's my birthday on Saturday. Yeeeey! ^^

Love, Kaja.