Happening: 2nd Birthday

As I mentioned in a past post, we celebrated my boyfriend's little cousin's 2nd birthday on Sunday. And since I took some photos, I think it's only fair to share them.

1: Little Erazem and the cake. Yummy cake.

2: Let's blow the candles.

3: My piece of cake. The first one.

4: Erazem being cute. :)

5: Andraž being silly. :D

6: Me playing with some stuffed animals. I made them dance. Woohoo.

We had fun. And now? I am already soooo excited for this weekend. Why? It's my birthdaaaay (as I think I already mentioned). It's gonna be soooo fun. At least I hope so, cause right now I am sick and have a fever and I really don't feel like partying. But I'm stuffing myself with vitamins and medicine so I will get better. ^^

Love, Kaja. 

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