Outfit of the Day: Sunday Funday

Shirt: You Decide Who You Are (Abandoned House). Leopard pants: H&M. Jacket: Zara. Shoes: Converse All Star.

What a fun weekend it was. After the exams, I definitely deserved it. :)

Yesterday I wrote my diploma disposition and then after lunch went to the a small celebration of my boyfriend's cousin's 2nd birthday (I will put some photos of that in a post in the future). And after all the talking, coffee drinking and cake eating (YUM!), I went to meet my friend Nina to take some photos of her for her blog. Of course that made soooo hungry that we had to go to a pizzeria and eat a HUGE pizza. One each, of course. And after that we laughed our butts off playing Head's Up game. What a fun game. Do you play it too? :)
What a fun Sunday! What a fun weekend! And I am already excited about the next one because... it's my birthday on Saturday. Yeeeey! ^^

Love, Kaja. 

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