On Thursday I bought myself this lovely kit ...
... the box ...

... inside the box ...

And so on Friday I decided I have to try it out. I already tried to make some macaroons last Christmas, but they didn't turn out as I hoped they would (strange texture + strange shape). So I was really hoping that this time they would be perfect (well at least good).

I used this recipe: , since I used the Lékué kit. I just made one little modification. I added some drops (2 or 3) of vanilla extract. And for the filling I used Nutella. <3
Here they are on a tray before baking (they have to rest for 30-35 minutes and if you touch them after that you will see that there is a crust on top and they don't stick to your fingers anymore).
The recipe was for 30 macaroons (60 pieces), but I made 48 of them (96 pieces). :D
And here they are after baking.

So how did they turned out? DELICIOUS. Perfect texture, perfect shape, perfect taste. Really. Specially on Saturday, when the filling (and of course the cookies) was cold and harder. They were soooooooo good! :) The secret is probably in the kit + I used a spatula for mixing (except for beating the egg whites, when I used the machine for mixing), which probably made them so fluffy and soft. :)
Here is one of them.
And here is a whole plate of them. :D

I was/still am so happy with the result that I will try to make them again very soon. Cause they were just YUMMY!


It's time to begin the studying again. Damn it. So yesterday I spend my afternoon and evening studying the theory of insurance. And in the middle of all that studying I began to feel hungry and tired and I needed a break. A healthy break, since the no junk food challenge is still in process. :)

This is what I made:

First some whole-wheat flakes with dried strawberries...

Then some dried tropical fruit (mango, papaya and pineapple)...

Adding some regular yoghurt...

And a banana...

And topping it with some more yoghurt.


And when I was eating I was watching Supernatural. I have been obsessed with it for 2 weeks now. Oh, Dean <3 hehe.
So this was it ... my Supernatural healthy dinner. Yum yum.


What do you need? (For 1,5 serving probably, but I was soooo hungry :P)

90g of pasta (I used Barilla Piccolini Mini Fussili)
280g of chicken breast (half of a breast)
A small tin of corn (140g I think)
150g of tomato sauce
A little bit of oil
Seasoning: salt, pepper, garlic

How to make it?

You cook pasta in salted boiling water (instructions are on the box usually). And for the sauce. First you cut the chicken breast in little pieces (cubes) and you season it with salt, pepper and garlic (I have mixture of the last two). Then you heat up a frying pan and put a little bit of oil in it. When it's hot enough you put the chicken in it and fry it. When it's done you add the tomato sauce and cook it for a minute or two and then add the corn. And when everything is done, you add the pasta to the sauce and mix it. And voilà, you have a delicious meal for lunch. :)

Apples and cinnamon always make me think of Christmas.

Yesterday I wanted something light and new for lunch and I decided I want to make fried apples. But since I never did them before it didn't turn out as I thought it would.

I think the meal I made were cooked apples, an apple soup or something like that. It was delicious! I ate the apples with some whole-wheat bread.. Yum yum. :)

And yes, apples and cinnamon together (especially cinnamon) always remind me of Christmas. I don't really know why, but it does. And I loooove Christmas. :)

So here is the recipe for my cooked apples with cinnamon.

What do you need?

3 apples (probably 2 would be enough, but I was really really REALLY hungry) - you probably should peel them, but I was jus to lazy and hungry for that :)
200ml of water
3 tea-spoons of brown sugar (probaly more if the apples are sour, but mine were really sweet)
1 tea-spoon of cinnamon

How to make it?

It couldn't be easier. You just put everything in a pot, mix it, turn the cooker on (medium heat is probably the best, because if you cook it on high heath your kitchen will not be happy with the splattering :P) and than you wait for it to cook. You mix it from time to time and when it looks ready you eat it. :) it all depends on how much you want to cook the apples and how much juice you want.

And that's all. Enjoy this pre-Christmas meal (with a little bit of cocoa powder on top). Nomnomnom. :)