Apples and cinnamon always make me think of Christmas.

Yesterday I wanted something light and new for lunch and I decided I want to make fried apples. But since I never did them before it didn't turn out as I thought it would.

I think the meal I made were cooked apples, an apple soup or something like that. It was delicious! I ate the apples with some whole-wheat bread.. Yum yum. :)

And yes, apples and cinnamon together (especially cinnamon) always remind me of Christmas. I don't really know why, but it does. And I loooove Christmas. :)

So here is the recipe for my cooked apples with cinnamon.

What do you need?

3 apples (probably 2 would be enough, but I was really really REALLY hungry) - you probably should peel them, but I was jus to lazy and hungry for that :)
200ml of water
3 tea-spoons of brown sugar (probaly more if the apples are sour, but mine were really sweet)
1 tea-spoon of cinnamon

How to make it?

It couldn't be easier. You just put everything in a pot, mix it, turn the cooker on (medium heat is probably the best, because if you cook it on high heath your kitchen will not be happy with the splattering :P) and than you wait for it to cook. You mix it from time to time and when it looks ready you eat it. :) it all depends on how much you want to cook the apples and how much juice you want.

And that's all. Enjoy this pre-Christmas meal (with a little bit of cocoa powder on top). Nomnomnom. :)

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