Dance some salsa. Drink a Mojito.

Hi everybody! How are you? :)

I have an exam on Monday and this is my last week of studying, so there's not a lot of time to waste. But I still found time to write a quick post. And it's not even a meal :) it's just something my dad brought me yesterday before lunch when I was buried in books. I was so surprised.

It was my favourite drink: Cuban cocktail Mojito.

We don't use a recipe to make it. You just have to get that feeling about the proportions that you love. My mother for example loves when you put in one or two drops of Rum more. And I sometimes drink it without the Rum (so it's a Virgin Mojito).

What do you need?
  • Havana Club White Rum (approximately 4cl),
  • Soda (we use Slovenian Radenska),
  • A few leaves of fresh mint,
  • A few slices of lime (we obviously didn't have any limes, so my dad didn't use them, but he used concentrated lime juice),
  • A teaspoon of brown sugar,
  • And some ice cubes.

How to make it?

You take a glass and put mint leaves in it and you crush them a little bit with something (we have a special "spoon", but you can just use a normal spoon or a fork or something like it) so the juice comes out. Than you put in the sugar, the lime, ice cubes, Rum and soda. You take a long teaspoon and you mix it. 

And there you have it. It's really simple and quick to make. And it's not that strong. It's my favourite cocktail, especially cause it's the cocktail with the less calories. It contains around 160 kcal, but it's even less if you don't put much sugar in it.

And because this was supposed to be a food blog, here is a photo of Mojito Cupcakes :)

Have fun in this last days of summer (it was raining here all day and it's getting kind of cold so I really can't say it's still summer here), make a Mojito and enjoy yourself. :)

Love, Kaja <3

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