Rice with peas, eggs and soy sauce

For my first real post I decided to post today's lunch.

This is my "Chinese" rice with eggs, peas and soy sauce. It's really simple and rather quick to make. I love the rice with vegetables you can eat in Chinese restaurants. So I decided to make a similar dish at home.

Ingredients (per person):
  • 100g of rice
  • 100g of green peas (I used the canned ones cause they're the best ^^)
  • 1 egg (we have quite big eggs, so if you have smaller ones, you probably should use two)
  • 1 table spoon of soy sauce
  • Salt, pepper, whatever spices you love to use (I only used salt).


First you have to cook rice. It has to be still a little hard inside. But not too much. Just cook it a minute less than usual. :)
Than you take a frying pan. You pour a little of olive oil in it and wait for it to get hot. When it warms up you put in peas and eggs. You mix it with a cooking spoon (or something like it :D) till the eggs are fried. Than you add the soy sauce and mix it. In the end you add the rice, mix it and leave it for a minute so the tastes soak. And that's it. :)

I hope my English isn't too bad :D I really don't know how to write cooking recipes any more. So if you don't understand something, just ask please :)

As you will see, it's really easy to make. And it's also quite light: a portion contains around 360 kCal.

Enjoy in my "Chinese" rice. :)

Love, Kaja R.

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