Haul: Getting ready for the Summer.

I had to take a short break from all the studying and I realized that I really need to buy some things, so I took my car and went to the nearest city (Nova Gorica) and bought all the things I need (well, kind of need :D).

1. Essie Nail Polishes: They finally have them in DMs in Slovenia too. Last time I was there I bought the mattifying top coat Matte About You and I looove it. So I decided to try some of the colored nail polishes as well. I picked up 3 colors, which I think are very suitable for the summer: the lightest one is Essie's best seller called Mademoiselle, the one in the middle is called Go Ginza and the one on the top is Madison Ave-hue. I love the colors and I hope I will love the polishes as well. :)

2. Garnier PureActive Spot Clearing 24H Moisturizer: I started using this moisturizer about a month ago, because I have a very oily and problematic skin, and it really helped me. So this is my second "bottle" of it for weekend use, because the other one is in Ljubljana, where I am during the week.

3. Garnier Lip Care Protect: A perfect lip balm for the summer, when the sun really dries out the lips. I think this is going to be the third year of using this lip balm in the summer. It really does the job well. And it smells very nice (the smell of summer) as well. ;)

4. Garnier Pure Pore Purifying Toner: I started using this at the same time as the moisturizer and fell in love with it too. It really does a great job for my skin.

5. Balea Trend It Up Dry Shampoo: This is my first dry shampoo, so I actually have no idea what it will do to my hair, but I decided to try it out, because some days I just don't feel like washing my hair, even though I know it's oily and dirty. I hope this will help me on days like that. :)

6. Veet Depilation Strips: I don't think that I have to say anything about them. They are my summer essential (or at least spring essential, because in the sumer I usually use the silk-epil machine). Let's get waxing. :P

And this is it. A short review of my shopping trip on this sunny Saturday afternoon. I should go back to studying now.

Love, Kaja. 

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