Happening: My Sweetheart's 21st Birthday

The outfit

The gift

The birthday boy <3

The explanation

On Monday my boyfriend celebrated his 21st birthday. Yeey! So I picked up some nice clothes to look all pretty for the special occasion. I wanted to give his a ticket to the Punk Rock Holiday, which is a festival in Slovenia in July, but I didn't have time or the opportunity to buy a real one, so I just printed out a picture of the ticket and told him that he will get the real one soon. :D But for the compensation, I wrote a lovely poem in the card. ;) He took me out for lunch and we stuffed ourself with yummy pizza. It was a really nice day. :)

Jacket: C&A, Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Converse All Star 

Love, Kaja. 

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