Why so negative?

Damn, today I had to deal with some people that were sending really negative vibes to the outside world. I really don't like people that are surrounded with negative energy. I actually don't really know anything about people energies, auras and that stuff, but I think I can still make a post like that, just to reveal my thoughts on the subject. ;)

I don't want to be long, so I just have one (rhetorical) question for all the negative people out there: Darlings, if you're in a bad mood and hate the world, why do you have to make me (us) feel bad too? I understand if you have problems and you want to share them with me, so we can solve them together, cause I would love to do that, but don't say: "ahh it doesn't matter, it won't help anyway" in the end,  when we finally find the solution. Ugh, I hate that. And if you just want to share your negative energy to make other people feel bad too, then just go F. yourself. ;)

I am a really positive person, but I wasn't always like that. I was quite "emo" and sad  throughout high school, but in the end I realized that there is no real reason for being sad. You only live once (YOLO! Haha! :D) and why would you spend your ONE AND ONLY LIFE being sad and desperate. So I decided I want to be happy :) and I think that with every year that goes by, I am more and more positive, no matter what problems I am facing. And I really suggest this to all of you, if you aren't already doing that. Cause it's really more fun and you will thank me later. ;)

And screw all the negative vibes!

Love, Kaja. 

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