A weekend to remember.

This weekend was probably the best weekend this year for now! Actually the whole week went great, because I got two 10s in school (that's the highest grade :D). And on Saturday my sweet boyfriend and I went on a roadtrip to Klagenfurt (Celovec), which is around 3 hours away from my home town. You're probably asking why, why go on a long trip like that? The reason: to hear my favorite band, Thirteen Days! :)

I first heard them in November last year in Nova Gorica. The guys were so nice and after the show we joined them in the backstage for an acoustic jam session. But unfortunately, I had just a little bit too much to drink that day, so I did not make the best of it. :D but at least after that night, I listened to all of their songs and realized that they are really good. At the moment they are actually making a new album, and I just can't wait for it to be released.

So on Saturday they had a concert in a club in Klagenfurt and I really wanted to go for months (really :D) and my boyfriend did me a favor and drove me (us) there. :) how was the concert? Amaaaaaaaziiiiiing! I was in the front row, jumping and singing my lungs out. :D LOVED IT! I can't wait to hear them again. They are just the best. I really recommend them if you like punk rock or pop rock or anything like that. ;)

I also took some photos and videos, which I can share with you. :)

And after an awesome Saturday came a lazy Sunday. Well, at least I went for a run in the evening, so I did something good for myself and now only eat. :D

Enjoy in good Thirteen Days music. ;) (link to their YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/thirteendaysrocks)

Love, Kaja

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