Happening: Punk Rock Holiday

I spent my week in Tolmin with my boyfriend and some of my friends where we enjoyed the best slovenian festival, Punk Rock Holiday. 6 days of partying, punk rock music, fun, friends, chilling at the beach, meeting new people, ahhh summer heaven! It was my first time there, but I bet that it won't be the last. It was just to awesome to miss it next year. ;)

We saw: Strike Anywhere, Mute, Elvis Jackson, Suicidal Tendencies, Millencolin, the Casualties and many maaaany more, of course including Thirteen Days, one of my favorite bands. :)

It was really one of the best festivals I have ever seen and I really recommend it to anyone who likes this kind of music. And it's not only worth it because of all the bands, but also the atmosphere is so relaxed that everybody can enjoy it. ;)

I wanted to do a pros&cons review of the festival, but I lack the time for it. Maybe untill the end of the week. But for now the photos will have to be enough. ;)

Our little camping place.

Chilling at the beach.

Vegan "restaurant" at the beach.

Ahhh the cold Soča river.

Breakfast in Tolmin. Mortadella sandwiches are the best!

Pizza for lunch. Yum yum.

Thirteen Days on stage.

It was soooo great!


Love, Kaja. 

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