1. My name is Kaja.
  2. I was born on 8 June 1990.
  3. I'm a typical Gemini.
  4. I love cats.
  5. I love food.
  6. I love my family.
  7. I love my friends.
  8. I love my boy.
  9. I love music.
  10. I study law at Law Faculty in Ljubljana (with an additional semester on Lund's Faculty of Law in Sweden).
  11. I still haven't figure out which field of law is for me and what am I going to do in the future.
  12. I'm from Slovenia, but I don't want to live there in 3 years any more.
  13. I love to travel and I love living in foreign countries.
  14. I try to smile a lot. I like people that do that also.
  15. I'm very sarcastic to people that I know can take it.
  16. My favourite colour is purple.
  17. My favourite food is Italian.
  18. I always want to get fit but never actually seriously try to do that.
  19. All I want in life is happiness and love, no matter what am I going to do in the end.
  20. I hate raw vegetables.

That's it. 20 facts about me.


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