After a week of silence, a week of packing, travelling and getting used to the fact that I am back in Slovenia now, it is finally time to post something again. I am going to wait with the "Erasmus exchange is amazing", "I already miss Sweden" and "Thank you everybody" posts just a little bit and tell you something about our (Sarah's and mine) trip to Göteborg two weeks ago (you can find a video about it in the previous post).

Why there? We decided to go there because I was leaving and I wanted to do something fun before going back home and Göteborg is not that far away (less than 3 hours with train).

How was it? It was OK. Since it is Sweden's second biggest city and I was living in the third one, my expectations were quite high. I expected it to be more fun and interesting than Malmö ("my" city, the third one). I loved all the museums and sights in Malmö, but in Göteborg there weren't so many. Or we just didn't find them. I don't know. We were a little bit disappointed, just a little bit bored and the constant snowing didn't really help. But still ... Göteborg is an interesting city, it still is a city in Sweden (which makes it great) and even though you don't get the "Swedish city" vibe, mainly because it is a harbour city and they traded for long long time with the Dutch (and other people) and consequently you can see (or feel) the influence of Dutch architecture in the city (narrow and tall buildings), it is beautiful. I guess in the summer it's even better, so I would suggest you to visit it then.

What did we do? [Day 1] We arrived around "lunch time" on Tuesday (14/01) and we just started walking around the city to see the main sights outside (Opera House, Harbour). We also stopped in the city's museum and after that in a Cafe da Mateo, which has to be famous or something, since it is mentioned in all the travel guides and is very popular on Foursquare (did I mention that this is the best app on the planet?!). After the quick break we continued with walking around the city, stopped in the biggest park and enjoyed the rose and tropical garden in the center of the Trädgådsföreningen. Can you imagine how nice it was to step into the warm glass house full of roses and other flowers while it was snowing outside? After that we did some more walking and then went to the hostel, because we were quite tired. [Day 2] The plan was to visit some churches, the university, museums, but we woke up too early and when we arrived to the city center, everything was still closed, so we had to adjust our plans. But still, we saw the Göteborg's University campus, some churches, the Museum of Art (my favorite, I'm a sucker for modern art that I don't get :D) and finished with the Aquarium and Sea Museum and a little bit of shopping in Top Shop and some other shops. Because it was cold and dark quite fast, we finished our day at around 5PM and returned to hostel for dinner and to make plans for the last day. [Day 3] We decided to visit one of the archipelago islands, which are located to the West of the city (30 minutes tram ride from the city center + boat ride). We decided to go to Styrsö, because the guy selling the boat tickets said that there will be some things open there, so we should go there instead of any other. But, in the end, everything was closed. But we didn't really mind. When we got to the island we just walked around the island and enjoyed the snow and the beautiful forest. When we got back to the port we realized that nothing was open there so we went back to the main land with the boat and spend the rest of the day in the center of Göteborg.

Walking all day around in the snow and cold is really exhausting, but still, the trip was great and I am very happy I decided to do it. And I got a chance to spend a lot of time with Sarah and talk a bunch of weird and fun stuff with her. Sarah, thanks for going with me. :)

This is it. Sadly, this is the last post describing stuff I did in Sweden. I am already situated in my little apartment in Ljubljana, enjoying the smell of a lighted candle, drinking warm tea and watching the snow outside. I am not gonna get all emotional now. Not time for that yet. But yeah, I miss Sweden. Fact.

Tokrat bom izpustila slovenščino. Preveč teksta za prevajat. Upam, da mi ne zamerite. ;)

Love, Kaja. ♥

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