(Elvis Jackson's concert on Mostovna, Pizza before Škisova Tržnica, Lunch time in Central Station, Poppy, Enjoying the sun in TOZD, Some sun in TOZD (again) after Odprta Kuhna, Ana Pupedan's concert on Mostovna, Trying to patch myself together with coffee in TOZD) 

These couple of weeks have been crazy. I feel like I have been running around, meeting people, doing random stuff all the time. Something was going on all the time and even when I took some time for myself to do stuff I have to do (like write my thesis for example) something usually came up and disturbed my peace.

I have been feeling like a (emotional and physical) wreck these last few days and I realised it's time to take a break from everything. From all the partying, all the coffees, everything and everybody. It's time that I focus on myself and finally do stuff I have to do and get my confused mind and body in order again. Hopefully, I will get on the right track fast. *fingers crossed*

Love, Kaja. ♥

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