Some moments of 2014 (mostly second half of the year).

Happy 2015 everybody! I hope this year will treat you well, bring you joy and happiness, lots of love, success and personal growth.

How were your holidays? Mine were quite busy, full of food, family gatherings, some concerts and a little bit of skiing.

I realized that one of my last year's resolutions was to go back and check if I fulfilled my resolutions. So here is my analysis:
  • Nope. Unfortunately I didn't write more than last year. I guess my life wasn't as interesting as last year in regard to thing that I wanted to share with the world. I didn't go to Sweden again, I wasn't on an Erasmus exchange, etc. But still, year 2014 was the most life-changing and amazing year of my life. I have met so many new people, new friends, discovered new bands and music, met the boy, traveled a bit, graduated, had the time of my life. I also lost a lot last year. But not everything is meant to be shared, right? Some things are personal. And sometimes happiness is even stronger if you don't share it with the word (oh, you selfish bastard).
  • Nope. I posted 8 posts about food last year, 6 of them were actually recipes. So no, didn't realize the second resolution either.
  • Nope. No tea. But a lot of coffee. Good coffee. And beer. And these two are much much better than tea. :P
  • Check! I graduated! Yay! I'm doing my masters this year (and probably the next year too).
  • Check! I traveled at least once. I went to Malta and Gozo in June and had a blast.
  • Check! I have been to more concerts than I thought I could even go when I was writing my last years resolutions. So yay for me. And thanks to Ana and Izak, the main reasons I attended so many gigs last year.
  • Nope. It's just too big and the lens is crap. But I got a new phone at the end of the year and my photos got a bit better.
  • Kind of. I started going to gym and eating well in spring and I reached my "goal" weight and figure and I was soooo happy. But then the summer came and everything went down the drain. At the moment I'm not really satisfied with myself, but at least the new year is here and the chance to start everything again.
  • Check! There are for sure more than one, but if I stick to one, I have to say: my longboard. Even if it caused some bruises and pain, but it's still my best investment from last year.
  • Kind of. It's not the end of last year, but actually the beginning of the new one. But screw it. CHECK!
Should I write new resolutions for 2015? I did. But they are not much different from last year's.
  • I still want to live a healthier life, therefore I have to eat better and spent more time moving, especially outside, in the nature.
  • I want to discover new food, therefore I have to find new recipes, try them out and if they are good, share them with you.
  • I want to discover new music, therefore I have to go to concerts and use Spotify.
  • And last but not least, I want to be happy in general, therefore I have to spent time with my love, my friends, my family and have the best year possible.
This is all from me. What about you, did you make a list of resolutions or are you against sh** like this?

Love, Kaja. ♥

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  1. Js pa letos ne bom nič konkretnih zaobljub dala. Ker mi jih ponavadi ne uspe izpolnit, moram zdaj drugo taktiko ubrat, pa videt kaj se bo samo zgodilo brez zaobljub ;)

    1. Hehe sej meni se zdi da so te zaobljube bolj tako. Če si res želiš sprememb jih dosežeš tudi brez zaobljub :)

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