I guess it's time for this. Time to say something about the whole Erasmus experience and to say thanks to all everybody that contributed to the experience. Honestly, doing an Erasmus exchange was the best decision I have made so far. These last 6 months have been amazing. So many new places, new experience, new people. People that I will hopefully see again soon and who will stay in my heart forever. I am going to try to say thanks to all of you and I deeply apologize in advance in case I forget somebody.

Thank you (the order is random)
  • My mentor group (all the great mentors and all the fun co-members) who helped me get through first two or three weeks and of course for organizing all the fun events we had together (especially the sittning).
  • Maria and Nikta for helping me survive the first day. Maybe it wasn't noticeable, but I was freaking out. So thank you for making it amazing from the very start.
  • Michiel for crazy partying, long talks and liking my food (if I am not mistaking, you still owe me a lunch).
  • Hanna for liking me instantly, getting tipsy sharing a strong cider and telling me all you dirty secrets. And of course for letting me share all of mine with you. And for all the amazing afternoons, nights, chats and all the rest. It wouldn't be the same without you.
  • Sarah for being the best class mate in all of the classes, for long talks about interesting (and sometimes strange) topics, for the trip to Göteborg and for the sweetest goodbye pastry in world.
  • Nina for being the only non-parent person that visited me and for drinking all that gin with me.
  • Andraž for being the best boyfriend, for not being too jealous because all the gorgeous Swedish boys, for not missing me too much and for spending the holidays with me in Malmö.
  • All the (current and ex) ESS people (Ainize, Alexandra, Stephanie, Aurelien, Erik, Nuno, Steve, Odei and all the rest) because you know how to party and you excepted me in your fun group.
  • Masami and Garry for hosting amazing dinners and making DELICIOUS food. Hope to see you again soon in Slovenia.
  • Everybody that came to my last dinner, because you all made my last weekend perfect and made my departure even harder (by the way, James, breaking glass brings luck, so I guess I have to thank you for not having any problems on my travel home).
  • Nice Starbucks baristas for writing my name correctly and for speaking (slow) Swedish with me.
  • Metka for bringing more life to the apartment from time to time.
  • My readers for convincing me I should continue writing my blog even when I am back home.
  • Simon for being as strange as he can be. :D
  • Sweden for being an amazing country and not at all cold (ok, just a little bit in the end) and rainy as I thought you would be.

And the BIGGEST thank you to
  • The best big brother on the planet, Miha, for sharing his apartment with me, for cooking the best food, for liking my cooking, for taking me to parties with him and for letting me meet his amazing co-workers. I hope I wasn't a big burden and that you're gonna miss me now that I'm gone. ;)
  • And last but not least, my awesome parents, for the encouragement, for not missing me too much and for the financial support. I could not at all do it without you.
I think this is it. It was awesome. Thank you all.

Love, Kaja. ♥

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