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Yesterday, while "listening" to the Labour & Employment Lecture in the afternoon, I checked out the blogs I follow, because I haven't done that in quite a while (a month or two). I realized that the lovely SaraBelle nominated me for the Liebster Award a long time ago on her blog Blog by SaraBelle. Thank god for the boring lecture in school, because otherwise I have no idea, when I would see the post. Thank you so much, it really means a lot. It really made my day when I realized that even other (really good) bloggers read my blog. :)

Let's get down to business. The Leibster award is given out by fellow bloggers to help them connect and be blog friends, and is given to blogs with under 200 followers. You are nominated by another blogger, answer some of their questions (which is always fun) and then you get to nominate some other blogs that you find interesting and want other people to enjoy them!

  • Thank the lovely blogger who nominated you by linking them back and shouting them out. 
  • Answer the 11 questions your nominee has given to you.
  • Pick 9-10 other bloggers with under 200 followers to nominate for the award and let them know about it by going to their blogs and telling them.
  • Come up with 11 new questions to ask those who you nominate.

The questions that I got from SaraBelle:

1. Outfit you feel most beautiful in?
I would say, that at the moment, that would be my newest H&M dress (blue with white dots), a blazer or a jacket and my black Allstars.

2. Worst beauty product you ever bought?
Probably the mousse foundation by Essence. I think I used it only once and that's why I don't even remember the right name or shade or anything else.

3. A place you've already traveled to and would go again in an instant?
Definitely London, because I haven't been there since high school. Maybe also New York (third time is the charm) and Paris. And of course Canary Islands, because I was 3 when I was there and I don't remember anything, but I guess it's really beautiful.

4. Best piece of clothing?
Batman leggings. ;)

5. If you could live in any part of history, what would it be?
That's a tough question, since I'm not a fan of any kind of history at all. But if I had to choose, maybe the hippie years, so 1960s and 70s. My parents years actually. :)

6. Best song of Autumn?
Diane Young by Vampire Weekend. It's not really an autumn song, but at the moment it makes me feel better in all the dull days here in Sweden.

7. Flats or heels?
Haha, that's an easy one. Flats. I almost never wear heels.

8. Best book you ever read and why?
The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. I know, it's a cliche and probably everybody knows the story. But I love the book and it's sooooo much better than the movie. I could read it a thousand times and still cry while reading it. I just love it.

9. What made you smile recently?
Realizing that I was nominated for this award and realization that people actually read my blog. :)

10. What makes you proud of yourself?
The fact that I had the gut to leave Slovenia (my boyfriend, most of my family) for 5 months to study here in Sweden. I think it was the best decision in life for now.

11. Your favorite quote?
"Don't you think it's better to be extremely happy for a short while, even if you lose it, that to be just okay for your whole life?" by Audrey Niffenegger (from Time Traveller's Wife book).

And now is my turn to ask the questions and nominate people. Yay!

1. If you could pick any place in the world, where would you live?
2. Your favorite song at the moment?
3. The last book you've read?
4. What do you like most about autumn?
5. Jeans or leggings?
6. You're favorite part of clothing?
7. Why did you decided to become a blogger?
8. Do you want to study abroad? If yes, where?
9. If you won one million euros on lotery, what would be the first thing you would buy?
10. Cats or dogs?
11. Coffee or tea?

Nominates blogs (this are my favorite blogs and I didn't actually check how many followers they have):

That's it.

Hej då, Kaja. ♥

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