Best Friend Tag

Something new and short. :)

Meet my best friend: NINA

I know her since kindergarten and we've been best friends for years now. 5 facts about her and about our friendship:

  • Main reason for our friendship: we are both equally crazy, wild, funny and sarcastic.
  • Main reason I love her so much: she laughs at my jokes and supports my ideas, no matter how stupid they are.
  • She loves fashion. A lot. And consequently has a lot of beautiful and fashionable clothes. Need a fashion advice? Just ask her. She also has a fashion blog (link).
  • She loves Amy Winehouse. She's really sad that she died, because she won't be able to hear her sing live.
  • She loves food as much as I do and that's a lot. So food is always the main theme of our home-parties.

That's enough. Photos time. :)







Love, Kaja.

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