Just something about me.

As you might have guessed I'm a blonde law student. Ha, nice one. At the moment I'm 22 and I tried blogging many times about different things, but I never sticked to it, probably because there are just too many things that are interesting and I guess sticking to one topic is just not my thing. I'm a true Gemini. So I thought to myself, Kaja, why don't you just make a random blog and post about all the things that interest you and are popular in your life at the moment. So, this is it. My random life is getting public.

And what are the highlights of my life right now?
I'm in my fourth year of law school and in March I'm going to NYC and Washington for 2 weeks. This was probably the reason why I decided to make this blog. I had to make one for the "excursion group" (or whatever you can call it) and I guess it inspired me. We need a blog, so everyone can see/read what we are doing there and be jealous. Heh, just kidding (not really). But I actually don't know if I'm the one who will be posting on the blog, or the "prize" will go to someone else. But anyway, here is the Two Weeks in the USA blog: http://twoweeksintheusa.blogspot.com/ (it's in Slovene!). AND, if I'm not the main blogger on that blog, or even so, I just need a blog, so I post about things that I will be doing in the US, cause I think I have different plans like the others (not so much shopping).

I'm also planing to go on a half-year Erasmus exchange next year, so this is another reason for having a blog. I don't know where I'm going, cause I have to apply this week, but my first wish is Lund, Sweden. Second option is Aalborg, Denmark. We will see ...

Enough for the first post on this brand new blog, cause I'm really tired. It's Mardi Gras (or pust in Slovene) and we were walking all day around the town, and it was cold and now I just want to go to bed. Oh yes, I almost forgot. I was a hobbit, my friend was the Witch King and her sister was Sauron (all from Lord of the Rings if you don't know). I think we looked amazing.

So this is it. First post on my new blog. Kaja is out.

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