Freaking out (a post to myself)

I'm going to the US on Friday and I'm silently freaking out right now! I'm actually not doing anything at the moment (all afternoon really), just freaking out about everything. Will I have enough clothes? Will I have enough shoes? Will I have enough money? Will I spend my time effectively? Do I need to buy anything else before I go? Do I have all the necessary documents? Etc. TO MUCH WORRIES!

*inhale* *exhale* *relax Kaja*

Ugh...I need to calm myself down and this post will do just that. And maybe it will also help someone else, who will be facing this kind of problems before a long trip.


  • Will I have enough clothes? Because it's a school trip, we will be going to some important places like the Congress, Wolds Bank, IMF, United Nations, Supreme Court, State Department... And we need to be dressed properly when we visit them. Problem? I don't have many "serious" clothes. But I kind of managed to put some combinations together that actually look ok and smart and sh**. :) so Kaja, relax. You will have enough clothes and if you don't, you can easily buy something there.
  • Will I have enough shoes? The problem is similar to the clothes problem. We need fancy shoes, but you can't walk fast and long with fancy shoes. And what can I do about that? I can wear sneakers, put the fancy shoes in my bag and change my shoes when I come to the destination. See Kaja, problem solved.
  • Will I have enough money? Well if you won't, you can always skip a meal or buy less clothes there. Problem solved ;) haha
  • Will I spend my time effectively and see everything important in the cities? I've already been to NYC, so I just want to go to a few places I haven't seen yet and I thing there will be plenty time for that. And for seeing all the interesting things in Washington also. Relax Kaja. You will see everything important.
  • Do I need to buy anything else before I go there? Well, they have shops there too, right? So you actually don't. :)
  • Do I have all the necessary documents? I need my passport, my airplane ticket and ESTA. I have all that. So I guess I have them all. Relax.

I really had to do something like that. And if you have problems before going on a trip, do something like I did now and you will feel better. At least I do. :) Tomorrow the packing begins, but today I'm only going to relax, cause I am just too lazy to do anything right now. :P

Love, Kaja

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